Perfectly Portable, v2.0

Perfectly Portable, v2.0

Today's development environment is heavily focussed on "mobile first", but the long-term transition to this framework has been a challenging one. From mobile technology's first forays into web connectivity, user-friendliness and market shaping, Japanese mobile culture has without a doubt had a lasting influence on how we make our development and design decisions.

This expanded and updated version of her original Perfectly Portable talk traces the advent of the mobile first paradigm from its roots in the Japanese mobile revolution, through to the power within the country's changing topography of market end-users, and some of the current issues that face mobile development and design in both Japan and the West. How did Japan's early mobile connectivity set the pace and priorities for not only burgeoning technology, but also the incipient business models that would grow to dominate our tech culture? Has the advent of smartphones really evened the playing field?

Using feedback and questions from Perfectly Portable v1.0, new depth and dimension has been added, along with a look at the profile and impact of similar mobile-first test markets that are as key to development now, as Japan was (and still is).

Through the lens of cultural psychology, technological history, and market analytics we'll take a closer look at how and why our mobile web is inextricably linked to Japan.


Jennifer Geacone-Cruz

October 05, 2017