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What's New in Rails 4.2

What's New in Rails 4.2

A brief overview of new features in Ruby on Rails 4.2

Presented at Austin on Rails on October 28, 2014

Anthony Lewis

October 28, 2014

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  1. Rails 4.2 • Active Job • Action Mailer • Global

    ID • Adequate Record • Web Console • Other Changes • Installation • Release Notes
  2. Active Job • Framework for background processing using Resque, Delayed

    Job, Sidekiq, etc. • Switch between background runners without having to rewrite jobs • If no adapter is specified, jobs run immediately
  3. Configuration • Add your preferred background processing library to your

    application’s Gemfile: • Update Rails configuration: gem 'sidekiq' config.active_job.queue_adapter = :sidekiq
  4. Creating Jobs • Use the Rails generator to create a

    new job: $ bin/rail g job process_video create app/jobs/process_video_job.rb
  5. Job Source • The newly created job: class ProcessVideoJob <

    ActiveJob::Base queue_as :default def perform(*args) # Do something later end end
  6. Enqueue Job • Enqueue with or without a time: #

    Run next ProcessVideo.perform_later(@video) # Run tomorrow ProcessVideo.set(wait: 1.day) .perform_later(@video)
  7. Error Handling • Catch exceptions with a block: class ProcessVideoJob

    < ActiveJob::Base ... rescue_from(Exception) do |e| # do something with exception end end
  8. Action Mailer • ActionMailer now uses ActiveJob to send email

    • Call deliver_now to send a message inline # Send inline UserMailer.success_email(@user) .deliver_now
  9. Action Mailer • Call deliver_later to enqueue delivery • Accepts

    :wait, :wait_until, and :queue options # Enqueue and send later UserMailer.success_email(@user) .deliver_later
  10. Global ID • A unique identifier for a model instance

    • ActiveJob uses Global ID to automatically serialize and deserialize objects irb> video.to_global_id.to_s => "gid://appname/Video/1"
  11. Adequate Record • Optimizations to Active Record that make the

    find, find_by_*, and find_by methods up to 2x faster • Caches the static parts of the SQL query User.find(1) # Caches the static part: # SELECT * FROM users WHERE id = ? User.find(2) # Uses the cache, executes faster
  12. Web Console • Debugging tool for your Rails app •

    Automatically opens a Rails console on exceptions • Can also be opened with the console view helper <%= console %>
  13. Other Changes • Previously deprecated functionality has been removed •

    Check for deprecation warnings before updating • The respond_with / class-level respond_to methods have been moved to the responders gem • The default host for rails server is now localhost instead of • If you dev in a virtual machine this will bite you
  14. Other Changes • The default log level for production is

    now :debug, just like development and test • The HTML sanitizer has been replaced with a new version. • Some sanitized output might change • Foreign key support (finally) • And more…
  15. Installation # In your terminal: $ gem install rails --pre

    # In your Gemfile: gem 'rails', '~> 4.2.0.beta2'