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Introduction to BGSU RNA research group for non-specialists

45ce46ede83b75d073e172b058a8d250?s=47 Anton Petrov
November 19, 2012

Introduction to BGSU RNA research group for non-specialists

Presented at an undergraduate Bioinformatics seminar to give an overview of research carried out by the BGSU RNA Bioinformatics Group.


Anton Petrov

November 19, 2012


  1. November 19, 2012 BGSU RNA Structural Bioinformatics Research Group Presented

    by Anton Petrov
  2. None
  3. Our goal is to understand recurrent structural modules found in

    RNA nanomachines
  4. http://www.autemo.com/dc/users/1/G8MU7/406/chops/VW_Golf_mkIII_by_tinmachine88.jpg

  5. http://www.brokevw.com/MK2explodedview1.jpg

  6. http://www.brokevw.com/MK2explodedview1.jpg

  7. Example of a recurrent structural motif

  8. Instances of a recurrent RNA 3D motif from the Motif

  9. Live Demo

  10. >1000 users from >60 countries And we haven’t even published

    this research yet
  11. Technology behind our research

  12. rna.bgsu.edu PDB/NDB: Helen Berman John Westbrook Saheli Ghosn Buvna Narayanan

    Alumni: Jesse Stombaugh Ryan Rahrig Amal Abu Almakarem Irina Novikova Lab members: Neocles Leontis Craig Zirbel Anton Petrov Blake Sweeney James Roll Emil Khisamutdinov Anton Alenko Steve Dinda