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On CI&T, people who are willing to become Scrum Master (SM) usually starts the career path as a Tester.
The tester works daily with the developers so they are able to follow the development process closely, they are able to know a lot about the product itself and all the technologies involved.

However the SM works closer to the Project Manager and the Project Owner, which makes the role to be considered a "management" type. Also, the SM is only able to have deep knowledge about business requirements, since they need to manage several kinds of subjects at the same time. The multi-tasking makes it hard for the SM to realize what are the real needs of the team sometimes.

As a SM, what can I do to improve the relationship between the team and the client?
How the SM should keep the balance between negotiate team advices and PO requests?
How my experiences as Tester can help me as SM?

I'd like to share my experiences on this transition from Tester to SM, and my project.

Arissa Nakamura

January 09, 2020

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