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プランニング会議は実験室 !チームと顧客に支えられるスクラムマスターの日々の試み

プランニング会議は実験室 !チームと顧客に支えられるスクラムマスターの日々の試み




It has been 4 years since I joined CI&T, and 1 year and half since I became a Scrum Master.
When I joined, I learned CI&T process and all these years I've been running it exactly the way I was taught.
Along the time, I also learned that the processes exist to lead us to a certain Goal, they are not a magical solution to all our problems.

On our planning, we used to split the Sprint Backlog into smaller tasks and estimate every one of them in hours. However, what would happen if we changed the estimation from hours to days?
This question was made to me when I was looking for a way to improve the team relationship with the customer. Not accurate estimations was one of our struggles at the time.
Finally, I decided to talk with my team and make an experiment: try a new methodology with my team that could also help us to get more trust from the client.

In this short talk, I'd like to share my experience of new trials, learnings with my team members and how CI&T supported us on this trial.

Arissa Nakamura

January 07, 2021

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