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Using Azure for Software Development & Testing

Using Azure for Software Development & Testing

Fast, easy, and lean dev-test environments in the cloud.

Arlan Nugara

May 31, 2017

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  1. Outperforming teams are 54% more likely to Developers 26.7% No

    executive support 56.7% Cultural inhibitors 43.3% Fragmented processes Collaboration blockers DevOps was being initiated by more development teams than IT Ops teams by about a 40% to 33% margin Agile methodologies have adopted 3/4 of teams Business IT Ops The average hourly cost of infrastructure failure is $100,000 per hour It takes on average 200 minutes to diagnose and repair a production issue A bug caught in production ends up costing than if the same bug was found earlier in the development cycle 100x more IT decision makers is still unfamiliar with the term DevOps 6 1 in 40% … of implementations end up getting reworked because they don’t meet the users’ original requirements … of development budgets for software, IT staff and external professional services will be consumed by poor requirements 41% The Consequences of Inefficiency IT drives business success! High IT performance correlates with strong business performance, helps boost productivity, market share and profit. Responding to ongoing needs for efficiency and growth Always keeping all systems safe and secure dual goals … for companies that try to adapt their existing tools for DevOps practices 80% failure rate … CIOs 70 % to reduce IT costs Would increase risk and accelerate business agility of
  2. Why the cloud? • Rapidly setup environments to drive business

    priorities • Scale to meet peak demands • Increase daily activities, efficiency and reduced cost.
  3. Microsoft Azure  100+ datacenters  Top 3 networks in

    the world  2x AWS, 6x Google DC Regions Operational Now Operational Central US Iowa West US California North Europe Ireland East US Virginia East US 2 Virginia US Gov Virginia North Central US Illinois US Gov Iowa South Central US Texas Brazil South Sao Paulo West Europe Netherlands China North * Beijing China South * Shanghai Japan East Saitama Japan West Osaka India South Chennai East Asia Hong Kong SE Asia Singapore Australia South East Victoria Australia East New South Wales India Central Pune Canada East Quebec City Canada Central Toronto India West Mumbai
  4. Dev-Test in the cloud: Drivers & Concerns Drivers Concerns Speed

    Economics Scale Agility Performance Security Compliance Integration IT admin
  5. Challenges of running dev-test on premises Your datacenter VMs in

    dev-test environment IT admin Provision VMs Developers Request VMs 65% of developers say it is too complicated and time- consuming to get development and test resources Average utilization of dedicated dev-test infrastructure 10% • Compromised agility • Limited hardware budget • Limited software licensing • Resource contention with VMs • Realistic scale tests often challenging • Procurement delays Your challenges Source: Business Case for Test Environment Management Whitepaper, Cognizant
  6. Azure DevTest Labs Overview 1. Makes it easier to control

    costs by allowing you to set policies on your lab - such as number of virtual machines (VM) per user and number of VMs per lab. DevTest Labs also allows you to create policies to automatically shut down and start VMs. 2. Enables you to create pre-provisioned environments with everything your team needs to start developing and testing applications. 3. Capture and share environment templates and artifacts within your team or organization - all in source control - to create developer and test environments easily 4. Leverage pre-made plug-ins or Azure APIs to provision Dev/Test environments directly from a preferred continuous integration (CI) tool, integrated development environment (IDE), or automated release pipeline. You can also use the Azure command-line tool
  7. Developer workstation • Spin up powerful virtual machines in less

    than 5 minutes. • Standardize the team member desktop. • Lock down and secure the team member desktop. • Create specific development environments for different projects. • Access your development environment from anywhere, anytime, any device. Virtual machines