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Choose to Challenge for International Women's Day

Choose to Challenge for International Women's Day

A talk centred on the #ChoosetoChallenge theme for 2021's International Women's Day, celebrating the work women do in different sectors.


Lola Salehu

March 20, 2021

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  1. #Choose to Challenge International Women’s Day

  2. Lola Salehu Product Designer, Writer and Content Strategist Girl Power!!

  3. Challenge things like.. 01 03 Stereotypes Inequality 02 04 Gender

    Bias Representation
  4. Representation in tech today - How did we get here?

    By challenging everything that doesn’t seem right.
  5. Representation is so important.

  6. Inspiring women coming through to know that they can have

    a future in tech. 01Challenging Representation
  7. Talk about the work you do Share your stories because:

    • It makes you visible enough to inspire other women • Helps people recognise the value of the work that you do • Helps you measure your growth.
  8. 02. Challenging the notion that women can’t learn anything and

    become the best at it.
  9. 03. Challenging the notion that tech is masculine and women

    are not “naturally” equipped for technical roles.
  10. Three ways I would love for you to challenge yourself..

    1. Challenge the doubts that make you feel inadequate 2. Challenge the limits and labels others put on you. 3. Challenge more women to back themselves more often.
  11. 01Challenge the doubts that make you feel inadequate.

  12. Applying for a dream job - Hewlett Packard Men 6

    out of 10 men are comfortable applying for a job they’re not completely qualified for. Women 9 out of 10 women would prefer to tick all the “ideal candidate” boxes. 65% 35%
  13. “I’m not one to gamble, but if I’m gonna make

    a bet, I’ll bet on myself.” Bet on yourself!
  14. 02 Challenge the limits and labels others put on you.

  15. Challenge Stereotypes It’s not an either/or situation. Nothing stops you

    from being both Ambitious career person Life of the party
  16. 03Challenge more women to back themselves more often.

  17. Talking themselves down Failing to own their value Challenge women

    when.. Not internalizing their strengths
  18. We’ll go further when we have each other’s backs

  19. This international women’s day.. Back yourself more Down yourself less

    Make a bet on yourself
  20. Women, your freedom ignites other women’s freedom; never forget that.

  21. That’s all folks! @LolaSalehu @LolaSalehu 💼 https://bit.ly/LolaSalehu