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PhillyXP Mob Programming Workshop

PhillyXP Mob Programming Workshop

Introducing the practices from my Mob Programming Quick Start Guide to kickoff the PhillyXP Mob Programming Workshop

Anthony Sciamanna

February 18, 2020

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  1. Mob Programming / TDD Workshop February 18, 2020 Photo by

    Sean Lim on Unsplash Mob Programming Workshop February 18, 2020 Anthony Sciamanna @asciamanna Nick Goede @ngoede
  2. Pair Mob Programming with TDD Fast feedback cycles and team-based

    flow supports working in small batches and taking breaks
  3. Strong-Style Pairing Model For an idea to go from your

    head into the computer it MUST go through someone else’s hands. -Llewellyn Falco – The Strong-Style Pairing Golden Rule “ ”
  4. Waste Snake Improving daily work is even more important than

    doing daily work. -Gene Kim - The DevOps Handbook
  5. Debate in Code When unsure what direction to go try

    both versions AND THEN debate the merits. Don’t get lost in abstract discussion Nasa Scientists posing for Life Magazine in 1961 in front of board of calculations
  6. Invite the Experts Stuck? Bring in experts from other teams

    or other organizations to join the mob
  7. Invite the Leaders Having organizational leadership experience the team’s impediments

    in real-time will help them address organizational causes