Beyond Unit Testing: The Real Value of Test-Driven Development - Slalom

Beyond Unit Testing: The Real Value of Test-Driven Development - Slalom

Twenty years after the public introduction of Test-Driven Development (TDD), in Kent Beck's Extreme Programming Explained, it remains a commonly misunderstood and underutilized practice. While there are many who espouse the benefits of TDD, misconceptions about the practice and its perceived learning curve serve to dampen its impact on the software industry.

This talk introduces the misconceptions about TDD, as being just another way to write unit tests. It disputes this belief by refocusing on the many benefits of the practice. The talk will detail the resulting sustainable, high-quality test suites that are a product of TDD. Additionally, it will describe the less visible benefits like software design feedback, and improvements to development structure and developer workflow; all of which are possible through the continued practice of TDD.

If you are a software engineer or a technical leader wanting to learn more about TDD, looking for the motivation to give the practice a try, or are looking for ways to encourage your team(s) to learn the practice, this talk is for you.


Anthony Sciamanna

October 11, 2019