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Dispelling the 'Genius Programmer' Myth

Dispelling the 'Genius Programmer' Myth

We often hear people lament how hard it is to get a patch accepted to large Python open source libraries. Through a series of (often amusing) real-life anecdotes from Twisted, RPython, Cryptography, and examples from many other Python libraries, come learn about code reviews, getting your patches accepted, and tools/processes to encourage quality contributions.

Ashwini Oruganti

July 18, 2016

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  1. Dispelling The ‘Genius Programmer’ Myth 
 (Through Code Review) Ashwini

    Oruganti twitter.com/@_ashfall_ DjangoCon US 2016
  2. ✦ Software Engineer, Eventbrite ✦ (ex) Director, Python Software Foundation

    ✦ PyCA/TLS ✦ Twisted, HippyVM
  3. None
  4. Genius!

  5. None
  6. Open Source Contributions!

  7. Fears of a new programmer

  8. Clever people don’t make mistakes, right?

  9. Leaders exist. Heroes don’t.

  10. Why won’t you “just merge it”?

  11. “I hope that’s not my project” -Every maintainer in the

  12. Contributing Basics

  13. contributing.txt

  14. Respect the process

  15. Split reviews into smaller diffs.

  16. Work with your reviewer.

  17. Criticism is not evil.

  18. None
  19. Iterate failures quickly.

  20. Document every effort.

  21. Hi Maintainers!

  22. Social problems cannot be solved with technical solutions.

  23. If you care deeply about a style, document it *visibly*.

  24. It’s OK to not like things, be nice about it.

  25. “Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Never.”

  26. 1. Mention the change. 2. Provide a self-contained example. 3.

    Describe the effects of the change.
  27. Respect the volunteer’s time. “Thanks! This looks really good. IPv6

    has a number of subtleties, so I have quite a few review comments, but I want to emphasize that the code does look good and you’re definitely going in the right direction. :)”
  28. Contributor Maintainer

  29. There’s no such thing as “not qualified enough”.

  30. It’s alright to miss things.

  31. twitter.com/@_ashfall_ Thank You!