Dispelling the 'Genius Programmer' Myth

Dispelling the 'Genius Programmer' Myth

We often hear people lament how hard it is to get a patch accepted to large Python open source libraries. Through a series of (often amusing) real-life anecdotes from Twisted, RPython, Cryptography, and examples from many other Python libraries, come learn about code reviews, getting your patches accepted, and tools/processes to encourage quality contributions.


Ashwini Oruganti

July 18, 2016


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    Dispelling The ‘Genius Programmer’ Myth 
 (Through Code Review) Ashwini

    Oruganti twitter.com/@_ashfall_ DjangoCon US 2016
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    Respect the volunteer’s time. “Thanks! This looks really good. IPv6

    has a number of subtleties, so I have quite a few review comments, but I want to emphasize that the code does look good and you’re definitely going in the right direction. :)”