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ASIA 4/6 Meeting

ASIA 4/6 Meeting



April 07, 2021


  1. Follow us! J oin AS IA!

  2. Welcome to The Asian Student Interracial Association!

  3. #StopAAPIHate National Trendsfrom3/19/20 – 2/28/21 ➔Women report hate incidents 2.3

    times more than men. ➔Youths (0 - 17 years old) report 12.6% of incidents and seniors (60 years old and older) report 6.2% of the total incidents. ➔Chinese are the largest ethnic group (42.2%) that report experiencing hate, followed by Koreans (14.8%), Vietnamese (8.5%), and Filipinos (7.9%). ➔Incident reports come from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. ➔Businesses are the primary site of discrimination (35.4%), followed by public streets (25.3%), and public parks (9.8%). Online incidents account for 10.8% of the total incidents.
  4. Recent Events February 3rd 2021: Noel Quintana, 61 years old,

    was slashed across the face by another passenger in the NYC subway March 7th 2021: Ngoc Pham, 83 years old, and Xiao Zhen Xie, 75 years old, were attacked in San Francisco while waiting to cross a street.
  5. Fraction of the Lives Lost January 28th 2021: Vicha Ratanapakdee

    was fatally assaulted while walking the streets of San Francisco after recently receiving the COVID vaccine. He was 84 years old, an immigrant from Thailand, and a beloved father. March 16th 2021: Hyun Jung Grant and Xiaojie Tan were 2 of the 6 Asian women killed during the Atlanta spa shooting. Grant was 55 years old and a single mother of 2 sons. Tan was 49 years old, launched two businesses and dreamed of traveling the world with her daughter on her 50th birthday.
  6. Moment of Silence Please join us in a moment of

    silence to remember all the innocent lives which have been taken from this world, their families and communities.
  7. “Yellow Peril” - Anti -Asian Sentiment 1882 -Chinese Exclusion Act

    1892 -Geary Act requires Chinese to obtain a certificate of residence or face deportation. 1899 -Bubonic Plague In Hawaii Late 1800’s COVID -19 and Anti -Asian Sentiment Dec 2019 - 1st Report of novel coronavirus in Wuhan Today Medical Scapegoating of AAPI Nov 2002 -Origins in Southern China Mar 2003 -CDC began Emergency Operations 2002-2003 SARS “Plague lives and breeds in filth and when it got to Chinatown, it found its natural habitat.” Dr. C. B. Wood, Board of Health, Territory of Hawai‘i “It’s not racist at all. No, it’s not at all. It’s from China. That’s why. It comes from China. I want to be accurate.” Donald Trump, March 2020
  8. #StopAAPIHate 5 Safety Tips for Those Experiencing or Witnessing Hate

    1.Safety First Trust your instincts and assess your surroundings. If you feel unsafe and you are able to, leave the area. 2.Stay Calm Take a deep breath, limit eye -contact, and maintain neutral body language. 3.Speak Out (If you can do so safely) In a calm and firm voice establish physical boundaries, and denounce their behavior and comments. 4.Seek Immediate Support Ask bystanders for support or intervention. 5.Seek Emotional Support Once you feel safe, take time to recover and reach out to someone to talk about what happened. Remember this is not your fault, and you are not alone.
  9. On-Campus Resources • Report Discrimination or Harassment (Office of Institutional

    Equity) • Report a Crime - Anonymous (MSU Police) • Counseling Services • DISC (Diversity and Inclusion Student Commons)
  10. Off-Campus Support

  11. Meet with Us President Olivia Jakabosky ojakabosky@gmail.com (916) 990 -

    8159 Undergraduate Students: Maya Usher ushermaya@gmail.com Graduate Students: Alex King akingx060@gmail.com International Students: Michael Lee mleebluerams@gmail.com A.S.I.A. Faculty Advisor Dr. Wan-Yuan Kuo wanyuan.kuo@montana.edu
  12. If you would like to share an AAPI experience anonymously

    or need more time to share, Please visit: shorturl.at/eqtyS
  13. Connect with us online! asiamsu.wordpress.com @asia_montanastate asia.montanastate@gmail.com