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Teaching Kids to Code with Raspberry Pi (GoRuCo 2014 NYC)

Teaching Kids to Code with Raspberry Pi (GoRuCo 2014 NYC)

A lightning talk about teaching kids to code with Raspberry Pi.

Presented at GoRuCo 2014 https://vimeo.com/101030625


Audrey Troutt

July 12, 2014

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  2. http://techgirlz.org

  3. https://github.com/atroutt/scratch-pi require 'pi_piper' pin = PiPiper::Pin.new(:pin => 12, :direction =>

    :out) loop do pin.off sleep 0.5 pin.on sleep 0.5 end
  4. None
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  7. Audrey Troutt -- http://audreytroutt.com -- @auditty http://www.techgirlz.org/techzhopzinfo