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Tech Talk Brainstorming

Tech Talk Brainstorming

Speaking professionally is a great way to deepen your understanding of a topic, show off what you've learned, make new friends in the industry, and even unlock new opportunities. Whether it's for a meetup, a conference, or even here internally at work, devs often say "but don't have anything to talk about." I assure you that isn't true. In this workshop we will go through several exercises to get your tech talk ideas flowing and share them around with the group. By the end you should have several ideas!

Audrey Troutt

June 01, 2017

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  1. 2 1. Write on paper 2. No judging (yourself, your

    ideas, or anyone else, or their ideas) Rules
  2. For each prompt: • 5 minutes writing by yourself •

    ~3 people share some ideas 3 Workshop Plan
  3. Think back to a year ago. What would you have

    wanted to know? What advice would you need?
  4. Think of a problem you’ve had in the past month

    or two: If you did solve it, how did you solve it? Were there other ways you could have solved it? Why did you pick the way that you did? If you came across the same problem again, what would you do differently? If you didn’t solve it, what went wrong? How could others avoid it in the future?
  5. What’s a new technology or technique that you’ve heard of

    recently, but don’t know much about?
  6. 9 You can no longer say you have nothing to

    talk about! Writing talks is a separate workshop, but here’s a formula: • Explain the problem • Explain the ideal situation • Explain your solution and the path to get there • Tell a story So Now What?
  7. 10 FURTHER INSPIRATION Post: source of these questions and more

    http://lucybain.com/blog/2016/conference-proposal-ideas Video: How to be an Android Expert https://news.realm.io/news/droidcon-boston-chiu-ki-chan-how-to-be-an-android-ex pert/ she’s talking about Android, but this applies to anything Newsletter: inspiration, tips, and heads up on conf speaking opportunities https://tinyletter.com/techspeak Conf/community: for tech women http://www.writespeakcode.com/