Intro to Kanban for Teams that use Scrum

Intro to Kanban for Teams that use Scrum

Sometimes engineering teams find that their selected process doesn't match up with the conditions they are working in. Specifically for Scrum, teams with a lot of operational or interruptive maintenance responsibilities may find that dealing with the constant flux of tickets into your sprint backlog is more trouble than it is worth. If you've got process friction, then maybe you should explore whether another process would work better. That is where this talk comes in. This is an overview of the Kanban, including:
* How Kanban differs from Scrum
* Why teams switch from Scrum to Kanban
* The core principles behind Kanban: visualize work, limit WIP, focus on the flow of work, and continuous improvement
* The mechanics of Kanban and the Kanban board (specific to Jira)


Audrey Troutt

November 15, 2017