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Measuring Performance of AngularJS applications

Measuring Performance of AngularJS applications

Opbeat for AngularJS

Kenneth Auchenberg

December 11, 2015

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  1. Trace levels App framework Browser primitives App Template Caching Storage

    HTTP XHR/WebSocket MutationObservers LocalStorage Reflow Paint Rasterize Compose viewport engine
  2. What to instrument? AngularJS $resource $http $templateRequest $httpBackend $compile $module

    $service $controller $cacheFactory $templateCache $directives ngBind, ngClass, ngMode, ngIf, ngInclude, ngRepeat, ngSrc, ngStyle, ngSwitch, ngTransclude
  3. Bootstrap module.config $decorate $rootScope $viewContentLoaded Router Route controller $stateChangeSuccess $routeChangeStart

    Start transaction Instrument TraceBuffer ngOpbeat TransactionStore ngView $viewContentLoaded End transaction $routeChangeStart opbeatFunctionWrapper new Trace() Transport scheduler Processing Instrumentation flow