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12 MORE Ways to Use Auctria: Make more money for your cause

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August 25, 2021

12 MORE Ways to Use Auctria: Make more money for your cause

This webinar will focus on getting the most out of your Auctria license not only for your marquee event but also year round!



August 25, 2021

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  1. 12 MORE Ways to Use Auctria: Make more money for

    your cause
  2. 10 years, over 40k auction & event fundraisers 350 Million

    dollars raised
  3. Agenda:

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  5. None
  6. Sponsorship Ticket Set-up • Use a nice image • Create

    multiple levels of meaningful giving • May include admission tickets • Set quantity Click | Is Sponsorship YES
  7. Recording the Sponsorship Sale

  8. None
  9. Item Solicitation • Pre built section • Include the donation

    request letter with document viewer More Column→ Basic Content
  10. Sample Auction • Call to action with buttons

  11. None
  12. Tickets (admission) • Single • Multiples • Earlybird • Tables

    • Sponsorship Ticket dashboard set-up and sales at the door
  13. None
  14. None
  15. Raffle Bundle Set-up 1. Create For-Sale Item 2. Is a

    Basket YES 3. Save 4. Include items in the basket and choose the single ticket and add quantity Then when run reports get a multiple line items equivalent to quantity purchased. Print list, pull the raffle, upload to a wheel picker, random generator (NOT part of Auctria)
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  20. Dessert Dash for Sweet Fundraising

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  24. Record sale via dashboard Purchase Online

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  28. Merchandise • Buy-in party, not just for the kids •

    Swag: T-shirts, cups, mugs, tumblers, magnet • VIP access, pre-party, networking • VIP boxes
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  33. Sell Foursomes and Sponsorship packages • Track inventory for golfers

    and sponsors • Provide e-tickets for each golfer • Track golfer/bidder information • Not much profit in tee times • Need to be more than a golf tournament Registration is open 24 hours a day
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  37. Links to User Guide pages will follow auctria.com/webinars

  38. Stay in Touch with Auctria @auctria Email: hello@auctria.com FB Group:

    Auction Team Talk Auctria Launch & Assist