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Apr2020 MOD20 - Moving your database to Azure by Laurent Bugnion

Apr2020 MOD20 - Moving your database to Azure by Laurent Bugnion

Session Details and Video:

Northwind kept the bulk of its data in an on-premises data center, which hosted servers running both SQL Server and MongoDB. After the acquisition, Tailwind Traders worked with the Northwind team to move their data center to Azure. In this session, see how to migrate an on-premises MongoDB database to Azure Cosmos DB and SQL Server database to an Azure SQL Server. From there, walk through performing the migration and ensuring minimal downtime while you switch over to the cloud-hosted providers.

Laurent works as Senior Cloud Developer Advocate for Microsoft Azure after almost 10 years spent working for IdentityMine and Valorem, two leading firms in Microsoft technologies. He codes in Azure, .NET, Windows, WPF, Xamarin (iOS and Android), ASP.NET (Core and Classic). In his free time, he writes for technical publications such as MSDN Magazine, publishes technical videos on YouTube and Microsoft Channel 9, and his blog is on blog.galasoft.ch. He is a frequent speaker at conferences such as Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft Build, TechEd, VS Live, Techorama and many other international events. Prior to joining Microsoft, he was a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Windows development from 2007 to 2017, a Microsoft Regional Director from 2013 and a Xamarin Most Valuable Professional from 2015. He is also the author of the well-known open-source framework MVVM Light for Windows, WPF, and Xamarin.

You can find him at http://galasoft.ch/

Azure Zurich User Group

April 28, 2020

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  1. Azure Data Box Migrate large amounts of data quickly and

    securely Provides additional data migration options General Availability Create a link between your premises and Azure storage
  2. Tailwind Traders acquires Northwind REDMOND, WA Tailwind Traders, Inc announced

    that it has agreed to acquire Northwind Traders, the venerable "old guard" international foods company, in an effort to bolster its virtual hardware offerings with some international culinary flare.
  3. Architecture after the move MONGODB SQL SERVER 2012 AZURE ON

  4. Global distribution Elastic scale out Guaranteed low latency Comprehensive SLAs

    Azure Cosmos DB Key-Value Column-family Graph Documents A globally-distributed, multi-model database service … more coming soon Five consistency models SQL mongoDB
  5. Azure SQL Database momentum 5.8 million databases 70 PB total

    size 3 trillion batch requests per day 550K subscriptions 100 million queries analyzed per hour 37K databases migrated via Database Migration Service
  6. How to easily migrate and get benefits of cloud? Enables

    rehosting or light refactoring for most apps Eliminates the need to rearchitect or rebuild your apps Enables optimization during or post migration (fully managed service) IaaS (virtual machines) fall short here
  7. What is SQL Database Managed Instance? SQL Server compatibility •

    Fully-fledged SQL instance with nearly 100% compat with on-premise Fully-managed service • Built on the same infrastructure as SQL Database • Provides the same benefits (PaaS) Full isolation and security • Contained within your VNet • Private IP addresses • Express Route / VPN connectivity New deployment option enabling friction-free migration of SQL Server workloads to a fully-managed service SQL Database (PaaS) Elastic Pool Managed Instance Single database New purchasing options • Transparent • Frictionless • Competitive
  8. Azure Database for open source DBs engines Simple and flexible

    pricing, Language and frameworks of your choice Fully managed services without changing your applications Automatic backups, patching, built-in monitoring, security
  9. /Microsoft Certification alert Get hired, stay ahead, and receive the

    recognition you deserve #MSIgniteTheTour aka.ms/DataEngineerCert
  10. Azure Migrate A central hub for starting, executing, and tracking

    your Azure migration aka.ms/mod20-migrate