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AzureBootcamp2022: Hiring Talents and Impacting Lives by Hussam Allaham

AzureBootcamp2022: Hiring Talents and Impacting Lives by Hussam Allaham

This session is one of the sessions of Azure Bootcamp Switzerland 2022.

Hiring talents is getting harder day by day, by 2028 the ICT industry in Switzerland will lack the expected demand for 117’000 ICT specialists. It is also estimated that there will be over 1.5 million vacant ICT jobs in the EU by 2025, which is a major market failure that will affect the economy of the region as a whole. In addition, the COVID-19 crisis has both accelerated this digitalization trend and opened up new opportunities in the field of remote working.At the same time, the lack of economic opportunities is one of many reasons for forced displacement. Vulnerable groups (mainly local youth, women, refugees, and migrants) in the MENA Region face high levels of unemployment even if they are qualified for digital jobs. As a consequence they leave their countries to secure jobs which leads to brain drain and is a hindrance to the growth of the digital economies in those countries. Remotecoders is a Swiss non-profit association. It was initiated as a spin-off of Powercoders. Through this project, Remotecoders aims to address these challenges with a complementary problem: the shortage of ICT talent across Europe.

🙂 HUSSAM ALLAHAM ⚡️ Co-Founder and Integration Lead @ Remotecoders

Check out Hussam at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hussam-allaham/
Powercoders at: https://powercoders.org/
Remotecoders at: https://www.remotecoders.org/

Azure Zurich User Group

May 10, 2022

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  1. Sustainable Development Goals: https://sdgs.un.org/goals

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  4. WHY There are millions of vulnerable people in the MENA

    region and a major shortage of IT talents in Europe. COVID-19 made both challenges worse and our solution more relevant. Over 116 million people in the MENA region living in poverty - ERF Policy Portal - 1.67M unfilled jobs in EU ICT sector by 2025 - empirica - Due to COVID-19 fear and insecurity reduces support - World Economic Forum - MAIN CHALLENGES ACCELERATOR
  5. CODING SCHOOLS We work with the best coding schools and

    will have our own hubs in the MENA region. At Powercoders we helped 200 beneficiaries graduate. JOB INTEGRATORS We work with a large IT network throughout Europe. So far 3 out of 5 participants secure a job/apprenticeship. IMPACT TRACING For sustainable success the perception has to be changed. Starting 2022 we have a North Africa project with the SDC. WHAT We work with local coding schools in the MENA region to find vulnerable IT talents to professionally integrate them into the European IT labour market and change their lives.
  6. HOW A thorough recruiting process, a remote-oriented preparation, a well

    accompanied internship of 6 to 12 months and a carefully evaluated succession are our success factors. TRAINING by Remotecoders hubs and local coding schools REMOTE WORK POOL by Remotecoders REMOTE INTERNSHIP with European Companies SUCCESSION Remote or Local Jobs
  7. STORIES Abdulkarim Chamout Syrian refugee in Istanbul 2020: Bootcamp at

    Kodluyoruz (Remotecoders partner) 2021: Remote internship for 12 months at Kiron in Berlin Company satisfaction: 10/10 Baraah Alsaid Syrian refugee in Istanbul 2020: Bootcamp at Kodluyoruz (Remotecoders partner) 2021: Remote internship for 6 months at Amun/ 21Shares Company satisfaction: 9/10

    >60% 90% success rate for internships placements. Over 60% of participants find full time employment. 6 cities in 3 countries Over 200 graduates Over 100 IT companies
  9. GROWTH STRATEGY The MENA region has large refugee communities and

    Europe lacks IT talent. We bring them together and create an model that empowers refugees regardless of where they live. 1. LOCAL HUBS Set up local hubs in the MENA region and Europe. 5+ Talent Hubs and 5+ Integration Partners by 2024. 2. JOB INTEGRATION Match talent in MENA region with remote work in Europe. 200+ talents in remote and 100+ in local jobs by 2024.
  10. ROADMAP 2021 2 countries (CH & TUR) 10+ talents 2022

    4 countries (added: FRA & TUN) 50+ talents 2023 6 countries (added: GER & ALG) 220+ talents 2024 8 countries (added: UK & EGY) 400+ talents 2025 10 countries (added: AUT & MRC) 580+ talents 2025: 580+ talents and 5 education and 5 integration Partners green integration partners; red Talent Acquisition partners
  11. GET INVOLVED Remotecoders need support from motivated companies/individuals who are

    like-minded and eager to hire talents remotely regardless where they come from and make social impact. There are different involvement opportunities to be part of this impactful journey: Offer remote internships for 6, 9 or 12 months Volunteer as a job coach and accompany our talents on their journey.


  14. INDUSTRY PARTNER and many more...

  15. JOIN OUR IMPACTFUL JOURNEY Christian Hirsig Founder & Integration Lead

    +41 79 379 15 41 christian@remotecoders.org Hussam Allaham Founder & Education Lead +41 77 906 16 27 hussam@remotecoders.org
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