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Oct19 Meetup: This is the Modern Workplace by Alain Schneiter

Oct19 Meetup: This is the Modern Workplace by Alain Schneiter

In this session we will show you how you can manage a Modern Workplace with the latest tools from Microsoft, like Autopilot, Intune and Windows Virtual Desktop. Why should you have a look at Microsoft 365? What are the benefits from managing devices this way? In this 45 minutes we will dive in into the modern way of device management with several live demos!

About Alain Schneiter
Alain works at make it noble GmbH located in Bern, Switzerland as a Solution Architect and Partner, supporting their customers and partners in training, concepts, designs and implementations around Microsoft 365. He likes to help customers using the right architecture for deploying Windows and Apps and transforms their current device management to the Azure Cloud.

He is focused on Microsoft Technologies, especially on Microsoft Azure AD, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Enterprise & Security Suite (EM&S), Windows 10 and System Center Configuration Manager. Just the modern workplace. Any questions to him? Feel free to contact him using this blog or twitter!

Blog: https://blog.alschneiter.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/alschneiter

Azure Zurich User Group

October 29, 2019

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  1. #ModernWorkplace Alain Schneiter Solutions Architect @ make it noble Blog

    | blog.alschneiter.com Twitter | @alschneiter #
  2. Session content  Microsoft 365, why?  Windows Autopilot &

    what’s new?  Intune & what’s new?  Windows Virtual Desktop, quite new!
  3. Traditional Windows deployment | The old way Build a custom

    image, gathering everything else that’s necessary to deploy Time means money, making this an expensive proposition Deploy image to a new computer, overwriting what was originally on it DRIVERS POLICIES OFFICE & APPS SETTINGS
  4. Modern Windows deployment | The new way Un-box and turn

    on off-the-shelf Windows PC Device is ready for productive use Transform with minimal user interaction
  5. Windows Autopilot // New in Windows 10 1903 Windows Autopilot

    «White Glove» Cortana voiceover disabled in OOBE Self-updating during OOBE
  6. Windows Virtual Desktop // Setup  Consent: https://rdweb.wvd.microsoft.com  Assign

    the «TenantCreator» Role in the Server Enterprise App  Tenant ID: https://www.whatismytenantid.com/  Create a Windows Virtual Desktop tenant with PowerShell:  New-RdsTenant -Name DEMO19 -AadTenantId $aadTenantId -AzureSubscriptionId $azureSubscriptionId  Create WVD host pool from Azure Marketplace  Deploy WVD UX Azurewebsite from Github https://github.com/Azure/RDS-Templates/tree/master/wvd-templates/wvd-management-ux/deploy  - https://yourwebapp.azurewebsites.net/admin/Tenants