Sept19 Meetup: IoT - From Hardware to Cloud, Real-world Scenarios by Michael Epprecht

Sept19 Meetup: IoT - From Hardware to Cloud, Real-world Scenarios by Michael Epprecht

Remember when IoT first came up? Everybody spoke about the future of IoT and how millions and millions of devices will be connected. But what is the current state of the Internet of Things out in the field? And how does it all relate to the Azure Cloud? We want to know and Michael will tell us. He will go into the details of what Microsoft does from a hardware, operating system and cloud perspective to make IoT happen. And of course how large enterprise customers are using IoT today.

Speaker: Michael Epprecht
Michael has been architecting, administrating and developing complex systems since 1991, with extensive experience on high performance, high volume and mission critical. Over the years, Michel has been involved in Architecture, Security, Development (T-SQL and .NET), Performance Tuning, Operations, Deployment, Data and System recovery of applications and systems. Process Control and Industrial Automation Systems. Presenting at Events, leading workshops, 1:1 knowledge transfer and contributing to forums and newsgroups is his passion.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Mike Epprecht was awarded the status of Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) on SQL Server.

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Azure Zurich User Group

August 27, 2019