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The history of the internet for graphic designers

754660754a744bffbbf76a29cc941ab6?s=47 Balal Khan
February 17, 2010

The history of the internet for graphic designers

A 1-hour talk and discussion given to senior Qatari graphic design students, about the history of the internet and its influence and relevance to graphic designers.


Balal Khan

February 17, 2010


  1. the internet

  2. The internet and www came about as a by-product of

    scientific and technological research
  3. In the early days developers were in charge: web design

    was ‘low value’
  4. The dotcom bust ended the idea that functionality could guarantee

  5. Technologies converge and make building websites easier and faster: developers

    are not as valuable
  6. Some designers take the initiative & focus on the ‘user

    experience’: better usability & accessibility
  7. The result is that web design becomes a new ‘high-value’

  8. Thousands of designers and developers collaborate to build web apps

  9. Cloud computing means the internet ‘becomes’ the computer

  10. graphic designers & the web

  11. Is a graphic designer a web designer?

  12. Web designers organize & shape information.

  13. How has the web shaped graphic design?

  14. global culture & the web

  15. How has the web shaped contemporary life?

  16. Is the internet democratic?