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Intro to Rapid Development with Web Application Frameworks

754660754a744bffbbf76a29cc941ab6?s=47 Balal Khan
February 26, 2011

Intro to Rapid Development with Web Application Frameworks

A gentle beginners guide to Rapid Application MVC Frameworks. How and why they can help a startup to get off the ground sooner and with better results.

Talk given at RefreshQatar#2 in Doha, Qatar - www.refreshqatar.com/


Balal Khan

February 26, 2011


  1. Rapid Development with Web Application Frameworks Balal Khan

  2. Let’s start with a (sad) story about my friend Fred

  3. Fred wanted to build an EMPIRE

  4. Fred was serious $thousands on setting up $2000 on a

    logo $9000 on a developer team
  5. What was the result? He never launched

  6. Why did he fail? Fred was stubborn Developer was a

    nerd Lots of communication problems
  7. Its normal to change direction You won’t get your app

    perfect the first time you make it
  8. The web industry needed: Lightweight but flexible technology A more

    productive project process
  9. What if we could… Massively reduce the time to build

    something Make an app easier to maintain Have better security Make apps more portable
  10. Most startups use… Rapid Application Development (Technology + Process)

  11. Web Application Framework = A toolbox of code Skeleton code

    structure Interface between user interface, back-end and database code A bunch of helper code snippets
  12. If you’re not a techie… Think of it as LEGO

    for building web apps
  13. Most frameworks use MVC User Controller Model View Our App

  14. Why are frameworks awesome for developers? Standardization Constant improvement Saves

    time Better team-working
  15. PHP Frameworks CodeIgniter CakePHP Symfony

  16. Ruby Frameworks Ruby on Rails Merb

  17. Python Django AppEngine

  18. Visual Basic / C# .Net

  19. Recommended: Startup Startup Corporate

  20. A quick development process 1 : Write down your idea

    2 : Start sketching 3 : Design 4 : Build a Prototype 5 : Code > Test > Code > Test > …
  21. Launch ASAP Lots of people get stuck in the ‘its

    almost ready’ stage
  22. RAD doesn’t guarantee success The idea might not be very

    good The user experience might be terrible Your team might be bad at what they do You might lose focus
  23. But it does help us Faster development Quick re-building More

    time on design Less on paperwork