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Modules instead of Microservies

Modules instead of Microservies

Benjamin Smith

August 11, 2017

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  1. MODULES • All code lives in the same repo •

    Modules define the boundaries and dependencies @benjamin_smith
  2. MICROSERVICES • Scaling • Shared data/behavior across apps • Different

    services requiring different tech stacks • Feeling cool @benjamin_smith
  3. How to create a service • Step 1: create a

    module • Step 2: create a service • Step 3: ??? • Step 4: profit @benjamin_smith
  4. module to microservice class Likes def self.create(…) # create like

    in DB Like.create!(…) end end class Likes def self.create(…) # make request to Like service Net::HTTP.post_form(…) end end @benjamin_smith
  5. –Martin Fowler “So my primary guideline would be don't even

    consider microservices unless you have a system that's too complex to manage as a monolith. The majority of software systems should be built as a single monolithic application. Do pay attention to good modularity within that monolith, but don't try to separate it into separate services.”