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piwheels lightning talk

piwheels lightning talk

Lightning talk on my project 'piwheels' given at EuroPython 2017

Ben Nuttall

July 11, 2017

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  1. A title would give away the talk contents

    I’m Ben Nuttall

    I work for the Raspberry Pi Foundation

    I do a lot of Python on Raspberry Pi

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  2. pip install numpy

    Browse http://pypi.python.org/simple/numpy

    Look for a wheel file with a platform tag matching the current
    – If one is found, download and install :)
    – If no match is found, look for source tarball/zip

    If source is found, download and build from source :O

    If no source is found, fail :(

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  3. Which type of x86/x86_64 are you?

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  4. ...I have them all

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  5. Actually I’m linux_armv7l

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  6. What? I’ve never heard of it.
    Here’s the source, build it yourself!

    PyPI doesn’t support uploading ARM wheels :(

    “pip install numpy” takes:
    – ~20 mins on Pi 3 (1.2GHz quad-core)
    – ~2.5 hours on Pi 1 (700MHz single-core)

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  7. Fine! I’ll build my own package repository...

    cd Projects

    mkdir piwheels

    cd piwheels

    git init

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  8. piwheels v1

    Pi 3 in my living room

    Build the latest version of every package (106k packages)

    Log output into postgres database

    Host a package repository on the same Pi

    On GitHub but not reproducable

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  9. piwheels v1

    It took 10 days to complete the build run

    76% build success rate

    Repository live at piwheels.bennuttall.com

    “pip install numpy ­i http://piwheels.bennuttall.com” works
    and takes 6 seconds :)

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  10. piwheels v2

    Pi 3 in a data centre (Thanks Mythic Beasts)

    Build every version of every package (740k releases)

    Host a package repository on the same Pi

    Repository live at www.piwheels.hostedpi.com

    Test suite, installation instructions & developer documentation on
    – github.com/bennuttall/piwheels
    – Help! Contribute!

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  11. In the future

    Complete the build backlog (in progress)

    Continue to build all new releases

    Try to fix failed builds (missing dependencies, etc)

    Rebuild Python 3.4 wheels for 3.5 & 3.6

    Add the piwheels server to pip config in Raspbian (our distro)
    as an additional index
    – Users get wheels for free without needing to know about it

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  12. pypi.org

    Next generation PyPI project

    A Google developer came across piwheels and filed an issue with the
    pypi.org project (warehouse)
    – github.com/pypa/warehouse/issues/2003

    pypi.org now supports uploading ARM wheels :)
    – Thanks @kpayson64 and @dstufft

    Package maintainers can upload wheels built by piwheels to pypi.org
    and they appear on pypi.python.org
    – \o/

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