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The Raspberry Jam Community

The Raspberry Jam Community

Raspberry Jam organisers' meetup at the Pi Birthday Party

Ben Nuttall

March 05, 2016

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  1. The Raspberry Jam Community
    Ben Nuttall
    Raspberry Pi Foundation

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  2. Ben Nuttall (2016)

    Education Developer
    Advocate at the Raspberry Pi
    – Software & project
    – Learning resources & teacher
    – Community outreach

    @ben_nuttall on Twitter

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  3. Ben Nuttall (2012)

    Software developer in

    Organiser of Manchester
    Raspberry Jam

    STEM Ambassador

    Community user group

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  4. Who's here?

    Organisers/helpers vs. intending organisers

    Who's new to this?

    Who's been doing this a while?

    Anyone from outside UK?

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  5. 2012

    Raspberry Pi lands and Raspberry Jams start to appear

    Raspberry Pi community appears out of nowhere
    – Inclusive community for everyone
    – Wide demographic - mix of hardware hackers, programmers,
    teachers, parents, kids, retired ex-programmers...
    – Schools
    – Hobbyists
    – Businesses

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  6. 2014

    Lots of people asking “Can I run a Jam? What do I need to do?”

    How can we help them get started?
    – Explicitly state YES YOU CAN
    – You don't need permission
    – It can take any form you like
    – Suggestions not mantra

    Raspberry Jam section on website
    – Map & Calendar
    – Information on how to run a Jam

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  7. raspberrypi.org/jam

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  8. 2016 ->

    We need to figure out
    – How we can support Jam organisers
    – How we can help create more Jams
    – How we can reach more people

    We love our community and want to welcome more people into

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  9. Starter: About your Jam

    Jam name / location



    Format (talks / workshops / hacking / mix)


    How do you organise the event? (website / eventbrite / google docs / trello)

    How do you publicise the event?

    What types of people attend?

    What types of people don't attend?

    Why do you run this Jam?

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  10. Your local community

    What else takes place in your community?
    – Code Clubs
    – CoderDojos
    – Hackspaces
    – Meetups
    – STEM Network
    – School events

    How could you work together?
    – How could you help them?
    – How could they help you?

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  11. Planning the event





    What else?
    On the day:



    Helpers & roles

    Participation (speakers,
    workshop leaders)

    What else?

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  12. Resources

    Where do you find materials for workshops or hands-on

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  13. How can we help?

    What have you learned from running a Jam?

    What would have helped you get started?

    What can the Raspberry Pi Foundation do to help
    – Your Jam
    – Your local community
    – Other people get started

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  14. What do we want from you?

    – Speak to us, tell us what you do, share success stories
    – Feedback, tell us how we can help you

    Get your Jam on the map!
    – Submit via raspberrypi.org/jam

    Join in on Twitter, the forums, etc.

    Share your ideas, help others

    Share your resources, publish your talks if possible

    Keep doing what you do!

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  15. Thank you!

    You play a huge part in the Raspberry Pi Community

    You have extended the opportunity to get involved in digital
    making to tens / hundreds / thousands of people

    You should be proud

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  16. The Raspberry Jam Community
    Ben Nuttall
    Raspberry Pi Foundation

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