Should We Care About Content? Recommending by Proxy with Big Metadata

77cacd503a0b6641e3b7a2e26dbbbaa1?s=47 Ben Fields
October 01, 2012

Should We Care About Content? Recommending by Proxy with Big Metadata

When constructing a music recommender system, which is more important: a musicological understanding of the catalog of music in a system or the number of times two particular songs were played one after the other and were `liked’? Even better, if a system knows the latter, does the former even matter? Do machines that predict behavior need to learn to listen? Or is observing behavior enough?


Ben Fields

October 01, 2012


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    Should we care about content? Recommending by proxy with big

    metadata B e n F i e l d s @ a l s o t h i n g s
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    Netflix Prize 500K people’s ratings of 18k movies Take these

    and predict the ratings of movies that haven’t been Rated
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    Million Song Dataset challenge (kaggle) The partial listening history of

    1M people Predict the tracks that are missing
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    Simple use of metadata from far and wide gets you

    further than Deep understanding of core-data