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How to (and how not to) get hired: Marketing for web designers

Andi Graham
November 07, 2011

How to (and how not to) get hired: Marketing for web designers

Presented at Future of Web Design, NYC 2011 by Andi Graham.

Andi Graham

November 07, 2011

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  1. How To ( ) Get Hired. Marketing for Web Designers

    & Developers and How Not To Andi Graham @BigSea
  2. How Not to Get Hired

  3. Make sure we can find you in plenty of compromising

  4. Don’t worry about misspellings and bad grammar. (Hmmm…)

  5. Let everyone know you’re too good to do the work

    that needs to be done. [redacted] ugh i hate web design sometimes!! 21 Oct Favorite Retweet Reply [redacted] I hate clients. End of rant and end of tweeting for a while, while I do this pansy job!!! 1 Nov Favorite Retweet Reply [redacted] definitely gonna start recommending @3dcart to my clients since I HATE TO CODE!!! 7 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply [redacted] After banging my head for hours against some code, I remember why I hate php and Wordpress. I want to burn my computer. 2 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply
  6. How to Get Hired

  7. Make sure your portfolio & website are up to date.

    Lucida Handwriting? Ouch. Yup. Those buttons say “click here.”
  8. Determine your rates and for whom you want to work.

    Agencies Clients Work $$$ Hassle
  9. Agencies Clients ‣ Send out your links. ‣ Attend industry

    events. ‣ Find internships. ‣ Make friends. ‣ Join up. Network. ‣ Read local pubs. ‣ Pro-bono non-profit projects. ‣ Make friends.
  10. Use your resources.

  11. Start a blog. And more of the obvious. Attend meet-ups

    and industry events. Follow the people you want to work with and actively engage them.
  12. How to Get Hired Again.

  13. Business cards like these are FREE! Make it easy for

    people to refer you.
  14. Make sure people know you’re available. Might be a bit

    extreme. Tasteful, but limited audience. Site nav - yes!
  15. Be your own biggest fan. (If you’re not, who will

  16. Embrace your weaknesses.

  17. Become an expert at something. Keep learning.

  18. Bill hourly and honestly.

  19. Do good work.

  20. Thank You!

  21. Andi Graham @BigSea facebook.com/andikuhn andi@bigseadesign.com www.bigseadesign.com