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Intro to Design (for Developers)

Intro to Design (for Developers)

Presented to each cohort of developers enrolled at The Iron Yard - St. Petersburg.

Andi Graham

June 10, 2015

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  1. I’m Andi from Big Sea. @andigrahambsd @bigsea HI THERE.

  2. What’s all this about design?

  3. Good design is …

  4. User Interface Design (UI) vs. User Experience Design (UX)

  5. First things first: prototypes!

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  8. Let’s get visual with typography.

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  10. IFontYou.com Font Pairs

  11. • Chunk content with headers, small paragraphs, bulleted lists, sidebars,

    indenting an entire a paragraph of text, or pull quotes • Limit line length to 350–550 pixels by splitting wide pages into two or more columns • Increase leading (line-height) to improve readability on longer lines of text and to lighten the overall “color” of a page • Use a non-decorative, screen-optimized typeface at a legible size for body copy • Set body copy as justified left, ragged right
  12. Web typography checklist: www.merttol.com/articles/web/checklist-for-better-web-typography.html

  13. And then there’s color.

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  17. Let’s put it all together. visual hierarchy

  18. Visual Weight

  19. Designing for action.

  20. The Usage Lifecycle

  21. Design for the next step. • Clearly communicate the current

    step. • Clearly communicate the next step. • Clearly communicate how to get there.
  22. Design with purpose.

  23. Resources! Hack Design: hackdesign.org IxDA: ixda.org I Font You: ifontyou.com/

    Colour Lovers: colourlovers.com Pictaculous: pictaculous.com/ Moqups: moqups.com Smashing Magazine: smashingmagazine.com 52 Weeks of UX: 52weeksofux.com/
  24. Thanks!