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React and the JAMstack - Reactathon Fundamentals 2018

React and the JAMstack - Reactathon Fundamentals 2018


Mathias Biilmann

March 21, 2018


  1. React and the JAMstack Matt Biilmann, 2018

  2. Matt Biilmann CEO, Netlify

  3. None
  4. Building thousands of websites 7 years in Spain, 2 CMSs,

    10k+ websites
  5. Building a fully hosted CMS Moved to the Bay Area,

    built a managed CMS for the legacy stack
  6. Trends: Git, MicroServices, JS Modern Javascript (ES6) Microservices Git vs

    FTP ReactJS
  7. For the last 15 years the web has been built

    on the fly, causing ever increasing issue with: Security 7% of all legacy sites hacked Performance Single origin, builds for every visitor, low conversion Scalability Infrastructure needs scaling up front The Web Needs a Paradigm Shift
  8. The Evolution of the Web Unix Model Legacy Web (The

    site needs to be built EVERY time it’s served) Modern Web ~1970-1997 ~1997-Today Now CLIENT WEB SERVER APP SERVER DATABASE CLIENT SERVER CLIENT CDN SERVICES
  9. = A New Stack Decoupled Architecture Git Centric Workflow A

    Better Web + 10x Faster No more malware Infinitely scalable Browser CDN Build Tool Services Git Continuous Delivery CDN
  10. None
  11. A New Stack React CDN Webpack

  12. A New Stack React CDN / Gateway Webpack

  13. Live Demo

  14. None
  15. Wordpress Shopify Rails Kirby Magazine Shop Job Board Conference

  16. Wordpress Shopify Rails Kirby Magazine Shop Job Board Conference Memberships

  17. Browser Front-end / Preact Hugo + Webpack GitHub Netlify CMS

    (React) A Smashing Architecture Microservices / Lamba
  18. None
  19. Let’s Continue The Talk! #JAMstack jamstack.org gitter.im/jamstack/community @biilmann