Digital storyteller. Entrepreneur. Consultant. Humble contributor to the next age of enlightenment.

I divide my time between building tech startups in the field of storytelling and doing various consulting, speaking, and teaching jobs around interactive storytelling. In addition, I write opinion pieces and speak at events and universities worldwide.

I have worked as an executive editor with Magnum Photos in NYC, with Open Doclab at MIT, and consulting at places like TIME Magazine and NY Times. I have also worked with companies like HP, Oracle, and Nokia and with non-profits like Global Fund, Human Rights Watch, and Care. As keynote speaker I have spoken at places like SXSW and TEDx and schools like Harvard and MIT.

I have +20 years of experience with interactive storytelling. I have spent most of my career in the intersection of content, technology, and business strategy, working both as an entrepreneur and with large international media corporations.

I believe stories are the glue that binds humanity together. Stories allow homo sapiens to form large communities that work together on a shared mission. We use stories to understand who we are and to build ideas like money, democracy, and education. So, storytelling is essential for taking humanity to the next level.


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