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How to make your pet more Landlord friendly


How to make your pet more Landlord friendly

An E-book created by Blue Mountain Rentals and published March 2012 to assist renters in finding ways to make their pets more landlord friendly for rental properties.


Blue Mountain Rentals

April 26, 2013


  1. 2012, 2013 Blue Mountain Rentals  Blue Mountain Rentals Helping

    Landlords & Renters Click! E-Book How to make your pet more Landlord friendly Created by: Lori Hartjoy – Owner Blue Mountain Rentals www.bluemtnrentals.com Published 03/27/12 Updated 04/26/13
  2. 2012, 2013 Blue Mountain Rentals  Potential Obstacles First, lets

    identify some obstacles – What are some of the main reasons Landlords do not allow pets? The landlord may have experienced problems with one or more : 1. Damage to property – Carpet, Flooring, Doors, Walls & Yard 2. Noise – Complaints from neighbors 3. Allergies/smell – The allergens and smell left behind 4. Possible higher insurance rates – The Landlord has to maintain insurance against injury and damage related to tenant pets.
  3. 2012, 2013 Blue Mountain Rentals  Suggested Remedies • References

    – Try to get references from sources such as your prior landlords, neighbors and even the vet in regards to your pets behavior toward others, noise, damage, etc. The more they are willing to relay in their reference the better your pet will fare in an interview with a new landlord. • Dog Training Classes – Our local Petco offers dog training classes from time to time. If you can get your dog signed up for one, it will assist you in showing that they are well behaved and that you are a responsible pet owner. • Veterinarian Statement – Your pets vet should be able to provide a statement about not only your pets behavior from visits, but the status of vaccinations as well. This again is a great source to show that you are a responsible pet owner.
  4. 2012, 2013 Blue Mountain Rentals  Rules regarding pets in

    rentals While not every landlord will be willing to bend their rules and allow your pets, the more you can provide with your rental application showing that you are a responsible pet owner with a well behaved animal can only help. Landlords are not required to allow pets. Service/Companion animals fall into a different category, as they are not to be considered pets and will be addressed later in this E-book. Some important lease related information for pets follows -
  5. 2012, 2013 Blue Mountain Rentals  Leasing requirements • Pet

    fee or deposit – Can be refundable & non-refundable • Amounts range from $100 to $500/pet • There is no standard or statutory pet deposit or fee • Adding pet to the lease & Charge Pet Rent • Rent amount from $10 to $50 per month, per pet. • Pet name, description and photo becomes part of the lease. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Require Renters Insurance – The State of WA Residential Landlord Tenant act (RCW 59.18) does not prohibit a landlord from requiring a tenant to carry insurance. In some cases, damages to the property or injuries caused to others by the pet may be claimed against the renters insurance policy instead of their property insurance policy.
  6. 2012, 2013 Blue Mountain Rentals  Limitations regarding pets Restrictions

    vary by landlord and may include terms such as: • Type – Some only allow domesticated pets, such as cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, fish and small reptiles, etc. • Size – Small pets under 30 lbs. Medium pets are 35 – 65 lbs. Large and Extra large are any that are 70 lbs. Or more • Breed – Wording such as non-dangerous dog breeds only – although some controversy comes into play over the breeds considered dangerous. This rule normally has more to do with insurance coverage than anything else. • Number – No more than 2 tenant owned pets on the premises. This rules out people who volunteer for pet rescues or who pet sit occasionally.
  7. 2012, 2013 Blue Mountain Rentals  Pet Interviews Some landlords

    will only allow pets that they can meet in person. This shows them how they behave toward strangers. Often times, a short interview period regarding only the pet will follow. Some general questions may include: • Where did you get your pet? • How long have you had your pet? • Who will watch your pet if you go out of town?
  8. 2012, 2013 Blue Mountain Rentals  Service & Companion Animals

    Service animals do not fall under the category of “pet”. Service & Companion animals are protected under the Fair Housing Laws since they are needed to accommodate a disability and a landlord may not charge pet rent, deposits or fees for a service animal. They may require documentation from a medical provider or someone qualified to determine 'NEED' For more information on Service & Companion Animals contact your local HUD office, or the regional office for your area. At move out however, the tenant is still responsible for any damage done to the property while they are in residence and can be charged for property damages caused by their service animal.
  9. 2012, 2013 Blue Mountain Rentals  Blue Mountain Rentals Helping

    Landlords & Renters Click! How to make your pet Landlord friendly I hope this E-book was helpful and informative. If you would like to have me present this to a group, please feel free to contact me. Blue Mountain Rentals www.bluemtnrentals.com administrator@bluemtnrentals.com (509) 240-3325