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Tenant & Landlord Nightmares Introduction

Tenant & Landlord Nightmares Introduction

Some of the most common nightmares from both sides of the rental industry are explained with tips on how to avoid becoming a victim.


Blue Mountain Rentals

November 13, 2013


  1. Tenant & Landlord Nightmares With the State of WA Landlord

    Tenant Act Presented by: Lori Hartjoy, Owner Guest Speaker – Attorney Jared Hawkins from Virtual In-House Counsel Wednesday November 13, 2013 DISCLAIMER: Any information presented or that you choose to use is at your own risk. All details and facts are informational only. You are strongly encouraged to seek legal or financial counsel before making decisions regarding your investment rental properties.
  2. Tenants that cause headaches: Hoarders – Thieves – Vandals –

    Deadbeats – Damage – Debris – Extra Family – Pets -
  3. Excuses … Deadbeats – I mailed it… Wimpy Skippers Drugs/Criminals/Gangs

    Hoarders – Rooms no longer accessible Smells Rodents/Pests Extra care needed Debris – Broken items Trash bags Vehicles
  4. You think the property is well taken care of… Damage

    – Beyond Normal Wear & Tear Water leaks Holes in walls/doors Torn or stained carpet Broken windows Yard died, missing shrubs Vandals – Painted Installation Left unpleasant surprises Thieves – Appliances missing Fixtures Copper wire
  5. After the lease is signed violators Extra Family – Really,

    it’s just a visit! Vehicles Items stored outside Inside items temporary or have they made a permanent place? Pets – My children just love this new puppy… Barking View the cat in the window Feces on the property Empty food bags or litter containers
  6. Landlords are bad too? YES! Money Hungry – Cramming –

    The snoop – Stalker/Cameras – Non-Responsive – Verbal ok –
  7. Return on Investment or Greed? Money Hungry – Deposit Non-Refundable

    fees galore Rent increases Cramming – Occupancy Utilities split evenly
  8. Busy Body or intrusive? The snoop – Drops by Looks

    in windows Visits with guests Stalker/Cameras – Knows your daily routine Security or more
  9. Invisible? Too agreeable? Non-Responsive – Emergencies Repairs Lease Renewal Payment

    Arrangements Verbal ok – Commitment in writing? Changes in the lease Repairs Payment in lieu of…

    website at: www.bluemtnrentals.com Or call us at: (509) 240-3325 For personalized assistance December 4th Roommates & Occupancy 11th Service/Companion Pets January Advertising, How & Where Scam Listings February Plan your move—Must have vs. wants—Budget Search tips—Scams March ROI—Incentives/Concessions - Are they good? 3rd Party Resources—WWRPA, WW Crime Free Housing April Prepare for the landlord meeting • UPCOMING WORKSHOPS: A special thank you to Attorney Jared Hawkins with Virtual In-House Counsel For speaking tonight on the subject of The State of WA Landlord Tenant Act.