Tips on Eviction with Guest Speaker Attorney Jared Hawkins

Tips on Eviction with Guest Speaker Attorney Jared Hawkins

This workshop was 2 hours and covered items required in a typical eviction process for the State of WA. Introduction and handout from Blue Mountain Rentals on basic tips began the workshop. The bulk of the workshop and handouts of slides presented by Jared Hawkins, Attorney with Virtual In-house Counsel took up the rest of our time. Basic questions such as "Should the landlord pay the city utilities that were in the tenants name if a shut off notice is received?" Answer, no. As long as the lease states that the tenant was responsible for all utilities. "If water is on a well system and the pump goes out during an eviction do I have to replace it?" Yes, you are required to maintain the premises in accordance with the WA State Landlord Tenant Act... I hope you enjoy and this topic will be presented again.


Blue Mountain Rentals

February 12, 2014