Metrics that Matter

Metrics that Matter

Whenever we speak about measuring web performance and user experience, we typically refer to static events in the browsing experience. Modern websites, however, are far from static, and user interactions with these websites have continuous aspects that cannot be represented by distinct events.

* How do you measure user frustration?
* How do you tell how fast your users expect your site to be?
* How do you tell if users were frustrated or annoyed before they got to your site or if your site caused that frustration?
* What are TTVR, TTI, TTFI, FID, and which of them is the most important?
* How do you tell if your page locks up during user interaction?

In this talk, we’ll look at some new user experience metrics. We’ll find out how to measure page responsiveness, smoothness, jank, and usability. We’ll learn about things like Rage Clicks, Missed Clicks, Dead Clicks, and Cursor Thrashing. We’ll also look at real user data that we’ve collected showing how these aspects of the page affect user behaviour.


Philip Tellis

May 22, 2019