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Web application deployments with Gradle - From the developer's machine to Continuous Deployment

by Benjamin Muschko

Published June 13, 2014 in Programming

Web applications live and breathe in their runtime environment, the web container. But what is the best way to install the relevant artifacts during development or as part of your deployment pipeline? In this talk, we will discuss the techniques and tooling required to implement efficient, flexible, and most importantly, automated deployment strategies to local and remote web containers with Gradle.

Starting with the developer's machine, we will look at rapid software development techniques to embedded and standalone containers. Remote containers pose more complex requirements to the deployment process; to mention just a few: explicit container lifecycle control (like starting and stopping the container), rolling or parallel deployments, writing and executing deployment tests to verify the application's operability. Gradle can help you tackle these challenges in a pragmatic way. This session mainly focusses on JVM-based applications and runtime environments.