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Robots Don't Cry: Automation with Schematics

Robots Don't Cry: Automation with Schematics

It is not a secret that robots are better at tedious, repetitive tasks than humans. Angular CLI took care about code scaffold and significantly improve DX (developer experience) for Angular. Tooling used behind it was exposed as the separate package. It gave us the ability to create new generators collections like NgRx. You can and should create your schematics to reduce copy-paste development style. During this talk, I am gonna to show how to implement custom schematics and make machines work for us.


Vitalii Bobrov

August 10, 2018

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  1. Robots Don’t Cry Automation with Schematics

  2. Vitalii Bobrov • experienced FE developer • open-source contributor •

    ❤ Angular community • ngGirls mentor @bobrov1989 https:/ /vitaliy-bobrov.github.io
  3. Finding the truth from the source https:/ /blog.angularindepth.com/

  4. Be a Human Let machines work for you

  5. Robot • fast • make no errors • doing boring

  6. • creative • unpredictable • controls robots Human

  7. @angular-devkit/schematics

  8. NOT only for Angular Schematics for REACT components https:/ /github.com/vitaliy-bobrov/schematics-react

  9. Terminology Just to be align in concepts

  10. Collection { , , }

  11. Schematics

  12. Schematic

  13. None
  14. Rule 1. ~-+~= 2. -_*^^ 3. $#~_!

  15. Included rules • chain • branchAndMerge • template • filter

    • noop • move • schematic • externalSchematic
  16. Tree Schematic

  17. memory updated tree

  18. Guide How to create a schematic?

  19. Schematics for Schematic

  20. Install CLI

  21. Pro Tip Use the SAME version as Angular CLI uses

  22. Generate Collection

  23. Collection with examples

  24. None
  25. Reference

  26. Schematics listing

  27. Define rule factory

  28. Schema

  29. Test It should just word, but to be sure…

  30. Unit tests

  31. Local run

  32. Pro Tip Add a DEBUG argument to see FILES output

  33. Project run

  34. Pro Tip Commit ALL changes BEFORE schematic run

  35. Demo Words are cheap, show me the code!

  36. Seems we created robots

  37. Credits http:/ /www.robotsdontcry.com

  38. Thank You! @bobrov1989 https:/ /vitaliy-bobrov.github.io