TypeScript - JavaScript you are gonna to love

TypeScript - JavaScript you are gonna to love

TypeScript, as the superset of JS uses compile-time type checkings with latest specification standard and proposals. The community chose it for thousands of projects, and it is not limited to the Angular ecosystem. It brings such powerful features like interfaces, generics, abstract classes into JS. With all-powerful tooling, it will make your JavaScript, React, Vue cleaner and less error-prone. It could involve back-end developers with Java or C# background into the client-side code. I want to show that with TypeScript you will be more productive no matter what front end technology you use.


Vitalii Bobrov

May 09, 2018


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    Who am I? ๏5 years of front-end experience ๏big enterprise

    projects ๏mentor ๏OSS contributor @bobrov1989 https://vitaliy-bobrov.github.io/
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