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The Walking Node

Bodo Kaiser
December 04, 2014

The Walking Node

Slides from my talk about the nodejs fork "iojs" at the Munich Nodejs User Group meetup.

Bodo Kaiser

December 04, 2014

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  1. Twitter @KenanSulayman it's just a fork. don't worry. if it

    gets relevant, we'll all gonna know :D — Julian Gruber (@juliangruber) 30. November 2014
  2. Twitter II This year I am thankful for https://t.co/HCzm02Zu8M 🙌#

    — Jongleberry (@jongleberry) 27. November 2014
  3. Scenarios IO.js replaces Node.js Node.js and IO.js coexist Joyent gives

    IO organization name rights Wait until end of Januar
  4. Plans 6-Week release cycle Quick V8 update adoption Open Governance

    Model Addon-layer (like nan) Split node in submodules (libuv.js, stdlib.js) Clean up stdlib (e.g. deprecate domain)
  5. For Developers Learn a new command. f i n d

    . ‐ n a m e " * . j s " ‐ e x e c s e d ‐ i " " " s / n o d e / i o j s / g " ' { } ' \ ;
  6. For Recruiters Recruiter looking for #iojs developers, 4 years experience

    required #nodejs — Lloyd Watkin (@lloydwatkin) 3. Dezember 2014