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Event Driven Architecture

Event Driven Architecture

Event-driven architectures have gained popularity in the last few years. There are many tools out there in the open-source and AWS worlds to make event-driven architectures easier to implement and maintain. In this talk, we will cover the what, why and how of event-driven systems. We will go over different scenarios where event-driven systems shine and talk about the different tools to build these architectures in production. By the end of the session, you will understand some key principals and be armed with the right questions to ask as you build event-driven systems for your use cases.


Pranay Suresh

February 27, 2020


  1. Event Driven Architecture https://pranaysuresh.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/pranaysuresh/

  2. Event Driven Architecture Examples: • Integrating heterogeneous systems • Data

    replication cross-region • Monitoring • IoT
  3. Components of EDD Event Producer Queue Consumer Messaging patterns

  4. Event Envelope Event payload Standards (https://cloudevents.io/) Packed binary Schema registry

  5. Producer/Consumer Authentication Subscription Creation of event Retries

  6. Queues Persistent queues Ephemeral queues Supercharged sockets Framing protocol over

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  9. Messaging Patterns Logging Command One-to-many Round robin Filtered routing

  10. EDA Things to consider • Ordering • Push/Pull • QoS

    • Offline IoT devices • Filtering • Poor connectivity on the device • Serverless ◦ Closed (AWS lambdas, azure functions etc.) ◦ Open (eg Kubeless)
  11. EDA some more things to consider... • Cert rotation •

    Loops • Monitoring • Scaling • Plumbing
  12. AWS EventBridge Demo

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  14. THANK YOU!

  15. Resources https://cloudevents.io/ https://github.com/cloudevents/spec/blob/v1.0/spec.md https://google.github.io/flatbuffers/flatbuffers_guide_tutorial.html https://aws.amazon.com/eventbridge/ https://docs.oasis-open.org/mqtt/mqtt/v5.0/os/mqtt-v5.0-os.html https://kafka.apache.org/documentation/ https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/iot/understanding-the-aws-iot-security-model/ https://kubeless.io/