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Running guest UX workshops for undergrad graphic design students

Dan Goodwin
May 18, 2017

Running guest UX workshops for undergrad graphic design students

Web Teaching Day, 18 May 2017

Dan Goodwin

May 18, 2017


  1. 14 November Kickoff workshop activities 21 November User research, user

    personas, user journeys 28 November IA, sketching, prototypes, user testing How we organised the workshops
  2. Create a microsite for the Graphic Design course Think about

    potential users Think about scenarios, journeys for those users Work up ideas for content and a structure for that content Think about interactive parts of the site A brief / idea / project to work to
  3. Outcomes “Some of the good feedback received along the way,

    from peers and in interviews, focused on my UX process – user research, empathy mapping, personas, IA etc. All stuff picked up and carried out from those mornings in September. I’m indebted to Dan and the guys at fffunction for cramming so much good stuff into such a short few days.”
  4. What I’ve learned Practical exercises are the way to go.

    Focus on activities that work well in workshops. E.g. user research not so good! Have an example / brief / project which is easy to explain and easy to grasp. Strict timeboxing of activities.
  5. What I’ve learned A mixture of show and tell vs

    students wandering round and reviewing other students’ work at the end of activities works well. Creative presentation of user journey work is engaging and fun. Particularly if the students are creative and the space their in encourages and facilitates it. Bringing slides, resources, links, and routes for onward exploration into a microsite for the workshops was useful…