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Putting users at the centre of your projects by talking to them

Dan Goodwin
February 13, 2014

Putting users at the centre of your projects by talking to them

Dan Goodwin

February 13, 2014

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  1. What? • Interviewing users to gather insights into user context,

    motivations, goals pain points • Asking users about themselves, their context, their actions. • *Not* asking them for their opinions and ideas
  2. When? • Pretty much anytime! • Helping to segment our

    users and/or test our assumptions • Segmentation?
  3. Getting users • Depends on budget • Can go big

    with agency • Or small: DIY • Use incentives • Administration, be organised • At user’s location, central location or go remote: phone / Skype
  4. What you’ll ask • Relevant to our thing • User

    context, experience, motivations, needs, processes, touchpoints... • Create and use a discusssion guide
  5. Interview technique • Make user comfortable • *Not* after user’s

    opinion / design skills, want to talk about *them* • General good talking technique: posture, tone of voice, pace, reflecting
  6. Interview technique • Taking notes, audio recordings • Write questions

    as well as answers down! • It’s not easy and takes practice • Ideally observe and assist someone who’s done it before
  7. Using the findings • Type up notes / transcripts (very

    roughly) • Affinity sorting exercise
  8. Using the findings • Insights as bullet points - bare

    minimum • Feed these into personas, user scenarios, user and product journeys • Think end to end