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How Python is Developed

How Python is Developed

From PyCon 2009


Brett Cannon

March 27, 2009


  1. How Python is Developed Brett Cannon brett@python.org PyCon 2009

  2. OMG! A bug!

  3. “Who can I talk with to make sure it’s a

    bug?” comp.lang.python python-dev
  4. “I should tell somebody about this.” http://bugs.python.org/

  5. “Oh look, a bug.” new-bugs-announce python-bugs-list

  6. “Look at what triggers the bug!”

  7. “This should be fixed.”

  8. “Here’s a patch to fix it!”

  9. What a patch needs • PEP 7/8 conformance • Unit

    tests • Doc changes • Misc/NEWS • Misc/ACKS
  10. “LGTM.”

  11. Please be patient when waiting for a review! Only 26

    developers from December 1 to March 12 changed more than 100 lines of code; 39 changed any code.
  12. “Committed.”

  13. “I have an idea!”

  14. “I should bounce this idea off some people.” python-ideas comp.lang.python

  15. “Look at what I made Python do!”

  16. “PEP time!” http://www.python.org/dev/peps/

  17. “Does that shed come in puce?” python-dev

  18. “Make the shed spam-colored and we will include it.”

  19. “I made Python better!”

  20. “How can I join the cool crowd?”

  21. Contribute on bugs.python.org .

  22. Request developer privileges on the issue tracker.

  23. Ask for commit privileges.

  24. • http://www.python.org/dev/setup/ • http://www.python.org/dev/workflow/