CloudOpen -Integrating oVirt, Foreman and Katello to Empower your Data-Center

CloudOpen -Integrating oVirt, Foreman and Katello to Empower your Data-Center

In those slides there is overview of oVirt, Foreman and Katello, then a dive into how oVirt integrates with Foreman and Katello to ease different flows in variant systems and data-centers. oVirt 3.5 integration with Foreman allows us to bring new bare-metal hardware to a fully operational hypervisor in one click. In oVirt 3.6 we introduce an integration with Katello to allow oVirt users to see available updates (ERRATA) on hosts and VMs that are managed by Foreman, and in addition on the oVirt engine machine itself. This gives oVirt users a wider view of the updates available for both the virtualized and infrastructure resources. The integration between the projects is still in progress and we plan add functionality to it for better management options for various entities in the data-center hardware - such as provision phase, package management, configurations control and upgrade flows.


Yaniv Bronhaim

November 10, 2015