Kivy - Creating Desktop and Mobile Apps with Python (PyOhio 2013)

Kivy - Creating Desktop and Mobile Apps with Python (PyOhio 2013)

Learn to create cross-platform apps with Kivy, a multitouch desktop and mobile GUI framework for Python. The first part of the tutorial will be an introduction to Kivy. We'll start by discussing the various GUI elements provided by Kivy and the parts of a Kivy application. We'll then cover installation of Kivy on Linux, Windows, and via the provided virtual machine. In the second part of the tutorial, we'll create a simple GUI application from scratch for Linux and then we'll modify it to run on Windows and OSX. We'll also cover several of the Kivy helper projects for debugging your application. The third part of the tutorial will cover packaging the application to run on Android. We will cover installation of python-for-android and the usage of pyjnius for accessing typical Android features and APIs. We'll also cover several Kivy helper apps for working with Android.


Ben Rousch

July 27, 2013