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Masters Dissertation

Bassem Shaker
September 10, 2013

Masters Dissertation

Presentation for Masters in Mobile Application Design. University of Kent.

Bassem Shaker

September 10, 2013

Other Decks in Research


  1. • Search for ights • Create trips • Add ights

    to your trip • Get noti ed of upcoming ights • Nomad watches your ights for possibility of cancellation • Get noti ed if ight has high cancellation chance
  2. rails pg unicorn rails_12factor bcrypt-ruby sorcery cancan dalli memcachier sidekiq

    sidetiq autoscaler sinatra slim rabl oj redcarpet faraday newrelic_rpm time_diff pusher houston simple_form devise sass-rails ugli er coffee-rails therubyracer jquery-rails twitter-bootstrap-rails bootstrap-sass bourbon turbolinks minitest miniskirt capybara turn simplecov rack_session_access guard guard-minitest table_print
  3. API

  4. iOS

  5. Foundation UIKit KeyChain NSNoti cation UIDynamics UIRemoteNoti cation Core Data

    UIAnimations AFIncrementalStore AFNetworking JSONKit SAMBadgeView SAMGradientView SSKeychain libPusher iOSBlur