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Managing Drupal with ÆGir

February 12, 2013

Managing Drupal with ÆGir

Easily create, backup, migrate, clone (and more) all of your Drupal website using Drupal!


February 12, 2013

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  1. AGENDA • What is ÆGir? • Why not use it?

    • Why use it? • What is Barracuda? • Demo/Examples • Resources Wednesday, February 13, 13
  2. WEIRD WORDS • drush: “DRUpal SHell”. command line drupal commands.

    Replaces using the browser. • NGINX: High performance web server. Replaces Apache. • PHP-FPM: Stands for PHP-FastCGI Process Manager. Limits number of PHP processes that are running at a time (fast, secure, stable) - best way to run a Drupal site. Replaces mod_php. • MariaDB - Fork of MySQL. High performance. Fully open issue queue. Replaces MySQL. • Percona XtraDB: Fork of MySQL. Very high performance. Closed issue queue. Replaces MySQL. • Redis: High performance caching. Replaces DB Caching. • Apachesolr: High performance, “good”, search. Replaces DB Search. • Jenkins: Continuous Integration. Useful for testing, deployments, and more. Replaces manual labour. Wednesday, February 13, 13
  3. WHAT IS ÆGIR? • Aegir is a powerful hosting system

    that sits alongside a LAMP or LEMP server to create, deploy and manage Drupal sites. • Once Aegir is installed, you can setup a Drupal site in just a few clicks. • Aegir creates the web server's site configuration files, the site's database, runs the Drupal installation process and reloads the relevant services, all automatically. Wednesday, February 13, 13
  4. WHAT IS ÆGIR? • Consists of 2 parts: • Provision

    (http://drupal.org/project/provision) • Hostmaster (http://drupal.org/project/hostmaster) • Utilizes drush • Nice way to learn about drush aliases ;) Wednesday, February 13, 13
  5. WHAT IS ÆGIR? • Schedule cron • Duplicate sites (ie

    dev.btmash.com => www.btmash.com) • Backup sites • Migrate sites to new / updated “platforms” (run upgrades!) • Migrate sites to different servers (control Drupal servers) Wednesday, February 13, 13
  6. WHY NOT ÆGIR? • Server-side tools • Relies on configuring

    server(s) • If you want simple config, easy on Debian/Ubuntu • Simplified by Barracuda (more on this later) • Need to read documentation • “Slow” (overhead, migrations take time, etc) Wednesday, February 13, 13
  7. WHY USE ÆGIR? PREVIOUS WORKFLOW • Download Drupal (or use

    repository) • Create settings.php file • Create database • Configure apache/nginx • Go to http://<site>/install.php (or use drush) • Multisite? Migration? Dev? Stage? Wednesday, February 13, 13
  8. WHY USE ÆGIR? • Set it and forget it! •

    One install to manage many Drupal websites, servers, etc. • UC Merced has hundreds of Drupal websites. All managed (at the time) by one person using one ÆGir installation • Command line tools • Integrate with CI tools like Jenkins/Fabric (November 2012) Wednesday, February 13, 13
  9. HOW DO I INSTALL ÆGIR? • Easiest on Debian/Ubuntu •

    add repo • “apt-get install aegir” • Installs apache, mysql, php (and mod_php). • Tougher if you want PHP-FPM, nginx, maria, etc. • Tougher if you use any other OS. Wednesday, February 13, 13
  10. WHAT IS BARRACUDA? • Barracuda is a setup for High-Performance

    Drupal • nginx, PHP-FPM, MariaDB/Percona, Redis, Apachesolr automatically installed. • Octopus - Aegir installation on top of this stack. • Quickly create sites that are already highly performant! • Spin up a server with Barracuda/Octopus in under 20 minutes. Wednesday, February 13, 13
  11. WHAT IS BARRACUDA? • Requires Debian / Ubuntu • dev/stage

    sites have caching automatically disabled. • Do NOT run server updates outside barracuda commands. • Better utilized as a single server application for all sites. Wednesday, February 13, 13
  12. DEMO • ÆGir Server (consists of manually installed nginx, PHP-FPM,

    and Percona) • ÆGir Cluster (1 Ægir server, 1 single web server, 2-cluster web servers, 2 DB servers) • Barracuda Server (if interest) Wednesday, February 13, 13
  13. RESOURCES • http://community.aegirproject.org • http://community.aegirproject.org/installing • http://drupal.org/project/barracuda • https://github.com/btmash/deploy_btm_aegir •

    https://github.com/computerminds/aegir-deploys • http://goo.gl/5AJ1g (Code Karate Development Environment) Wednesday, February 13, 13