Conjuring Demons - The Power of the True Name

Conjuring Demons - The Power of the True Name

You know them. You dislike them. You might even fear them.
I speak of *software demons*.

These demons include things such as excessively large commits that lack proper commit messages (i.e. changes to 30+ files being labelled as "little fixes") or overly-confusing method names, such as void actReqInter4ProcUp(string aHaMesCo).

In order to prevent the demons from showing their ugly faces, you need to repeatedly ask yourself the following questions:
- What exactly do I need to put into my commit message?
- How should I name this function/member?

Both questions share a common aim: to name things that we have created.

This talk is directed at both experienced and inexperienced developers alike. It will answer the aforementioned questions with some partly-funny, partly-horrible examples of a developer's everyday life, whilst also giving some tips that will help you to cast out your own demons in the future.


Ben Wolf

May 20, 2019