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Accessibility for Digital In-Gallery Experiences

Accessibility for Digital In-Gallery Experiences

A talk given at the Museum Computer Network Conference in Denver in November 2018

Christina Deemer

November 16, 2018

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  1. About Me @cahdeemer MCN 2018 02 Former fundraiser and arts

    manager ‒ Performing arts & special collections libraries ‒ Raised ~$5M/year Retrained to become a web developer ‒ Certificate in web design & development from the University of the Arts 4 years as a developer at Interactive Mechanics ‒ Lead dev on several projects ‒ Co-created fellowship program ‒ Accessibility committee chair @cahdeemer #gallerya11y
  2. Agenda for today MCN 2018 03 Accessibility 101 A11y Guidelines

    for Digital Interactives ‒ Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) ‒ Looking outside the WCAG box ‒ Takeaways from Christina's guidelines Case Study: National 9/11 Memorial and Museum @cahdeemer #gallerya11y
  3. Defining accessibility MCN 2018 05 Easy to: • Approach •

    Reach • Enter • Speak with • Use @cahdeemer #gallerya11y
  4. Defining accessibility re: technology MCN 2018 06 Products and services

    that people with disabilities can: • Perceive • Understand • Navigate • Interact with @cahdeemer #gallerya11y
  5. Accessibility is not about outliers or edge cases Accessibility is

    about serving your core audience Accessibility is about doing the right thing MCN 2018 011 @cahdeemer #gallerya11y
  6. MCN 2018 In-gallery digital interactives & self-service kiosks 019 •

    Rigid user flow • Presenter controls device and physical environment • User has limited control over settings • Optional part of the experience @cahdeemer #gallerya11y User Flow path a user takes through an application to complete a task
  7. MCN 2018 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design 020 •

    https://www.ada.gov/2010ADAstandards_index.html • Details re: ATMs, interactive transaction machines, fare machines • Details re: min/max height of interactive touch points ‒ 48 inches (obstructed or an obstruction < 20 inches) ‒ 44 inches (obstruction between 20 – 25 inches) @cahdeemer #gallerya11y
  8. MCN 2018 In-gallery digital interactives & console games 022 •

    Rigid user flow • Creative User Interface (UI) elements • User has limited control over settings • Timing can be an issue @cahdeemer #gallerya11y
  9. Lots of resources related to gaming MCN 2018 023 http://www.includification.com/

    http://gameaccessibilityguidelines.com/ https://ablegamers.org/ @cahdeemer #gallerya11y
  10. Help users understand where they are and where they're going

    MCN 2018 026 Home button Home button + Instructions Home button + Instructions + Progress Meter or Breadcrumbs @cahdeemer #gallerya11y
  11. Help users interact with your technology comfortably MCN 2018 028

    Meet ADA requirements Meet ADA requirements + Mimic 1 assistive technology + Simple gestures Meet ADA requirements + Mimic >1 assistive technology + Simple gestures @cahdeemer #gallerya11y
  12. Help users have fun by letting them control timing MCN

    2018 030 Dismiss prompts on user action Dismiss prompts on user action + Ask user before reset Dismiss prompts on user action + Ask user before reset + Difficulty levels for timed tasks @cahdeemer #gallerya11y
  13. Help users play with confidence MCN 2018 032 Min target

    size of 90px Min target size of 90px + Distinguish interactive elements Min target size of 90px + Distinguish interactive elements + Controls & menu items consistent & stationary
  14. MCN 2018 Project goals 036 1. Use universal design principles

    2. Integrate screen-reader mode 3. Incorporate multilingual support 4. Accommodate various types of users @cahdeemer #gallerya11y
  15. MCN 2018 38 "Become a part of history. There are

    many ways to experience the 9/11 attacks and 1993 bombing. We welcome you to join the discussion by making a video recording sharing your perspective. "Double tap the bottom right corner of the screen to continue. "Double tap the bottom left corner of the screen to go back to the welcome screen." @cahdeemer #gallerya11y
  16. MCN 2018 40 Where were you during 9/11 or the

    ‘93 bombing? "I was not alive yet." "Somewhere internationally." Would you like to talk about how these attacks continue to impact you today? "Here are some other topics to talk about." @cahdeemer #gallerya11y