Mozart Could've Been an Engineer - Music + Code

Mozart Could've Been an Engineer - Music + Code

Would you hire an opera singer to build your website? A pianist to build your mobile app? After this talk, you might not think it’s a crazy idea.
As I transitioned from professional opera singer to web developer, I was blown away by the many parallels between music and code. During this talk, you’ll learn about those parallels by examining the similarities in syntax, structure, and learning process. As real-world examples, we’ll compare “Mary Had a Little Lamb” to a “Hello, World” app, and we’ll see how Bach might have coded a Rails Todo app.
Along the way, we’ll see how musical training strengthens pattern recognition, problem solving and collaboration, helping us become better software engineers.
Warning: parts of this talk may be sung. Yes, you may bring your own instruments.


Catherine Meyers

November 17, 2017