Confab 2018 Talk: "Empathy Behind the Algorithms: Creating People-Driven SEO"

Confab 2018 Talk: "Empathy Behind the Algorithms: Creating People-Driven SEO"

Search engine algorithms are always changing, and it can feel impossible to keep up. But effective search engine strategy always strikes a balance between technical optimization and understanding the people behind the keywords.

In this talk, I'll show you a practical approach to human-centered SEO that you can use to make sure your content is helpful, relevant, and findable, too.

In this session, you’ll discover how to:

- Understand search intent
- Use that understanding of intent to improve navigation, information architecture, tools, and functionality
- Make content more helpful by answering questions
- Use smart metadata and markup

Download a guide of my tips and takeaways from this talk >>


Chris Corak

May 23, 2018